The 57th Artillery Association

(2nd/10th Dragoons) RCA



The 57th Field Artillery Regiment (2/10th Dragoons) can proudly trace its history back to the period before the War of 1812 when Major General Sir Isaac Brock authorized the raising of the Niagara Light Dragoons. This unit of cavalry was formed at Niagara on the Lake where the court house now stands. The Niagara Light Dragoons were involved in operations from Niagara to Detroit in the War of 1812. This unit was disbanded and replaced in 1813 by the Troop of Provincial Dragoons. A complete and detailed history can be found in the book "ROUNDS COMPLETE, A history of the 57th Artillery Regiment (2nd/10th Dragoons) RCA", by G. Michael Kirby, published by the Haunted Press, 1997; ISBN: 1-895528-04-6.

In April 1946 the 2nd/10th Dragoons were remustered from Cavalry to the Artillery becoming 57th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment (2nd/10th Dragoons) utilizing the Bofors 40mm anti aircraft gun. They had Batteries in Welland, Fort Erie and Niagara Falls. They kept this mantel until 1962 when they were re-designated as 57th Field Artillery Regiment (2nd/10th Dragoons) and after that re-equipped with the 105mm M2A1 Howitzer. In 1964 the Regiment was re-organized and 10 Battery was transferred from 44 Field Regiment to the 57th. A proud 10 Battery in St. Catharines can trace its lineage back to the Old Welland Canal Battery and the Fenian Raids of 1866. Also in 1964 the Headquarters Battery (170 Battery) was disbanded in Welland and Regimental Headquarters was transferred to Niagara Falls to co-exist with 172 Battery. Fort Erie's 171 Battery remained where it was. In May of 1970 the Regiment paraded for the last time and became of victim of its success and was transferred to the Supplementary Order of Battle. Personnel at that time took their release or were transferred to 56th Field Regiment.

When a unit is transferred to the Supplementary Order of Battle, its assets and personnel are removed and it exists in name only. In the extremely rare event that the unit is required, at some point in the future, it can then be brought back to life and will be given its previous colours and seniority back.


James Corlis


Long time president and founding member of the association. A proud artillery man.

Ed Michener

Vice President

Chief Warrant Officer (Ret'd). Long time member of the association.