The 57th Artillery Association

(2nd/10th Dragoons) RCA


A regiment is a living, breathing entity. Vibrant, hallowed and its soldiers proud of its contributions to the security of the nation. It lives in the hearts and memories of those who have faithfully served it until their memories are no more and then it lives in the dusty archives of the nation. Almost forgotten, but now laughed about, are the memories of the struggle to move a gun through the mud; the hands raw from carrying ammunition cases without gloves and the ears bleeding from the concussion of the firing of the guns. The 57th Artillery Association is attempting to keep those memories of the gunners and the guns they served alive in perpetuity. Many gunners have gone to their reward; others have lost touch with each other but all had a part in the making of a proud regiment. All gained life skills through their training and service. Life skills that not only benefitted them and their families; but served their nation well.

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